Finding a Buyer for your Las Vegas Commercial Real Estate Property

Selling Properties

Thinking of selling your commercial property?  Attracting qualified buyers to your commercial real estate listing can be a confusing process.  An effective marketing mix of a high quality brochure, visible signage and an online presence can attract the right buyers for your individual building.

  • Brochure.  A high quality, professionally designed brochure can push buyers from “just considering” into picking up the phone and enquiring about the space.
  • Signage.  Visible, high quality signage is focused on showing the passing traffic that your building is available for sale, what type of building it is and giving a contact phone number.  Other agents that focus on their names, titles and logos are more interested in advertising their own business rather than your space.  Be sure that the signage for your building advertises the building and not a commercial real estate agent.
  • Online databases.  More and more investors are searching online than ever before.  Not only will your listing be on the top commercial real estate databases, it will also be listed on databases that business professionals can access directly.  An online presence in multiple databases will allow your building to be viewed by many potential buyers.

If you’re looking to sell your property, you’ll need a qualified Las Vegas commercial real estate broker who can help you explore the market. Contact McMenemy Investment services today for a FREE CONSULTATION!  One of our agents will be glad to walk you through the process of selling your building.