Buying Commercial Real Estate Investment Properties

Buying Properties

Business is moving faster than ever before.  If you are not purchasing commercial property in smart areas, you could be missing out on important opportunities, such as being closely located to your target market or having a location near an affluent neighborhood.  A thoroughly researched market analysis can help you to make a well informed decision regarding a commercial real estate purchase.  Here are some factors covered in a market analysis:

  • Demographics.  Who can benefit the most from a plot of land?  A demographics report will show where your target market is and the population count in that area.  Purchasing in ideal locations can bring in a significant return on investment.
  • Traffic counts.  Do you prefer to purchase in areas with high traffic areas?  Would your target market rather not fight heavy traffic when in development?  A traffic count will give you an accurate assessment of the roads near your desired locations.
  • Compare pricing.  How much would a parcel on beautiful Main Street cost?  Different prices in highly desirable locations will give you helpful price comparison information.

Investors know that the Las Vegas commercial real estate market is on the way up and want to get in on the action. McMenemy Investment Services is knowledgeable and experienced in commercial real estate acquisitions so call today for a FREE CONSULTATION!  One of our agents will be glad to walk you through the site selection process and recommend areas targeted for your re-sale, investment, or development needs.