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Foreclosed Las Vegas high rise condos

Panorama Tower North, was the third of three high rise condos in Las Vegas built during the boom. Unfortunately the final one didn’t make it to market and was foreclosed on in 2009. But a California investment company has picked the property up and is on the move to rehabilitate...
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Make sure your building looks good

Keeping your building looking is important for it to maintain its value, both for selling and for people looking to rent your property. It’s particularly true that winter weather can make a building look bad: wind blows signs and greenery down, and if you live in a snowy area, the...
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Having your commercial real estate least audited

Keeping your rental costs under control should be a top priority if you’re in business. But determining exactly how much you should be paying is not so easy. Traditionally, tenants have always retained the rights to have their lease audited, the assumption being that the landlord was usually more likely...
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Having clear investment goals

One of the most important things a commercial real estate broker looks for in a client is someone who has clean financial goals, someone who knows what they want. There have been many times here at our firm when we get calls from people who don’t know a lot about...
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