Las Vegas Commercial Real Estate Articles


Zappos taking over old city hall building in Las Vegas

In yet another rags to riches story, Zappos, the major online shoe retailer has bought and is renovating the old city hall building and will be using it as their international headquarters. The ‘old’ building is in fact only 40 years old, which means it still has a lot of...
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Commercial real estate possibilities in downtown Las Vegas

Downtown Las Vegas is becoming the mecca for young people. They are not only looking for great nightspots, they’re looking for a place to live, and that means the need for businesses to cater to them will be growing. Residents need grocery stores, places to buy household goods, doctors’ offices...
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Commercial properties filling back up

Recent indicators tell us that slowly, one by one, commercial properties in Las Vegas are being filled. It is unfortunate that commercial real estate tends to lag residential property markets by at least a year, and those prices have been bouncing back for a while. Finally the commercial market can...
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Long term holds best bet for Las Vegas invstors

One of the charms of buying commercial real estate in Las Vegas is not only the distressed properties. When the market was on the upswing, local officials were investing in tons of infrastructure, like highway exchanges and sanitation lines, to name just a couple. Much of this has remained unused...
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