Zappos renovating old city hall building

Zappos taking over old city hall building in Las Vegas

In yet another rags to riches story, Zappos, the major online shoe retailer has bought and is renovating the old city hall building and will be using it as their international headquarters. The ‘old’ building is in fact only 40 years old, which means it still has a lot of years in it. However, the property is not particularly suited to the needs of the company and will still need quite a bit of renovation.

The arrival of such a large enterprise means that demand for residential dwellings will rise, and in turn, a need for businesses to cater to them. Investors are generally optimistic about the downtown area. Zappos already has about 1300 workers in Henderson and has relinquished two of it’s warehouses in Kentucky to focus on its Las Vegas operations. The new “campus” will house everything from regular operations to a photo studio, and a fashion incubator.